- Tool-free buckle design, easy to open the back cover without any tools.
- 10KV SPD, Power-off disconnector on request
- 100-277Vac, 200-480Vac
- Sosen / Meanwell driver
- 3G rated vibration
- NEMA distribution Type II, III, IV, V, backlight cut-off lens on request
- Photocell, Motion/PIR sensor available
Ideal for Parking lot, Stadium, Plaza, Street light, Park, Wall mount, Dike, Bridge, etc.

Packing Info

Innovative streamlined back cover, great self-cleaning capability
Larger heat dissipation area, superior thermal management

Tool-free buckle design
Extremely easy installation and maintenance
Smart spring pin design and hinged swing wiring box

Four types of NEMA distribution Type II, III, IV  and V offered, the normal distribution 60°/ 90°/ 120° are available.

With ANTI-UV lens materials, adopting high efficiency injection-molded optics technology, precisely designed to shape the distribution maximizing efficiency and application spacing.

Type V

Type IV

Type III

Type II

For luminaire mounting at or near
center of roadways, center is lands
of parkway, and intersections.
Also for large, commercial parking
lot lighting as well as areas where
sufficient, evenly distributed light
is necessary.

For mounting on the sides of
buildings and walls. It’s best for
illuminating the perimeter of
parking areas and businesses.

For roadway lighting, general
parking areas and other areas
where a larger area of lighting
is required

For wide walkways, on ramps
and entrance roadways, as well
as other long, narrow lighting.

Backlight cut-off Lens
Professional backlight cut-off lens, effectively avoid light pollution.

Rotatable lens
Easy to rotate the lens to change the lighting direction

Six types of installation kits offered, one mount suitable for round and square pole
Quick amount design allows single person installation, labor cost saved.

Universal Pole Mount
(Suitable for square & round pole)

Trunnion Mount

Slip Fitter Mount

Adjustable Pole Mount
(Suitable for square & round pole)

Sensor Function
Photocell and Motion sensor available
Pre-assemble photocell and convenient knock-out for optional motion sensor  
Shorting cap is available when no need photocell, easy installation.

Shorting cap


Motion sensor

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