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Beginner's Growing Guide: Indoor Cannabis Grow

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(Summary description)Cannabis plants are similar to other plants and require various conditions to grow. In order to thrive, hemp needs meet some points.

Beginner's Growing Guide: Indoor Cannabis Grow

(Summary description)Cannabis plants are similar to other plants and require various conditions to grow. In order to thrive, hemp needs meet some points.

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:Carrie Cao
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2022-05-18 10:01
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The Basics of Growing Cannabis:

Cannabis plants are similar to other plants and require various conditions to grow. In order to thrive, hemp needs meet the following points.


Light (the intensity and spectrum of light have a great influence on yield)

Air (where air flow is needed)

Growth medium (not necessarily soil, but soil is the most accessible and economical choice)

Temperature (the most suitable temperature for marijuana growth is between 70-85 degrees)


PH (maintain the correct pH value, the pH value of the soil is 6-7, the pH value of the hydroponic solution should be 5.5-6.5)

These are the six conditions necessary for marijuana growth, whether it is indoor or outdoor cultivation, you need to ensure that these six conditions are met. You will be rewarded for harvest! A common problem for new growers is that they tend to skip certain key steps, such as maintaining the correct pH. Maybe you will be lucky to grow cannabis successfully, but the probability of the plant’s death, in the end, will be much higher.


Grow lights

Today, growers rely on grow lights to provide light to plants when growing indoors, often in conjunction with timers to automate grow lights. There are many types and sizes of grow lights. How to choose a suitable grow light needs to consider the planting area and budget.



Your cannabis plants need air! Cannabis plants breathe carbon dioxide just like humans breathe oxygen. As for why carbon dioxide is needed, look at the photosynthesis equation and you'll get the answer. They need a constant supply of carbon dioxide to thrive.


In addition to exhaust fans, you can also install some small fans at the top of the tent to blow air from above the plants to below them, providing your plants with fresh air and carbon dioxide.


Growth medium


The growth medium is where the roots of the cannabis plant develop. Most novice growers will choose soil that is readily available and free, but you can also choose another. There is no optimal medium. Each medium has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your actual situation and planting experience.




Be careful not to get too cold or too hot. Cannabis prefers room temperature or slightly warmer temperatures. 70-85°F (20-30°C) is great. Maintaining the right temperature allows your plants to grow quickly.



If you plan to use nutrients as you grow, it's important to get the nutrients that are good for cannabis. Certain types of nutrients just don't contain the right "substances" for optimal plant growth and shoot development.

Hemp nutrients are easy to use - just follow the directions, just like a recipe.

Unless you've composted your own cannabis supersoil, chances are you'll want to supplement your cannabis growth with nutrients to make sure the plant gets everything it needs.

If you are growing in soil, you will want to get soil-friendly nutrients.

If you are growing in any medium other than soil, you will need to obtain hydroponic nutrients (nutrients specially formulated for hydroponic growing). Some popular soilless mixes for growing cannabis have special nutrients, for example, there are many nutrient systems specifically for growing cannabis in coconut husks.


PH value


In order for your plants to absorb nutrients through their roots, they need the correct pH of the root environment. The easiest way to maintain a proper pH is to test and adjust the pH of your water before watering your plants.


What pH are you looking for when growing cannabis?

Soil: 6.0 – 7.0 pH

Hydroponics: 5.5 – 6.5 pH


LED Grow Light

Advantages of LEDs

Custom Spectrum - One of the newest types of cannabis grow lights, LED grow lights are unlike any other cannabis growing product on the market. Prices have come down and quality has improved over the past few years. LED production is increasing every year and there are now many reliable LED models that have been proven for cannabis cultivation

Stealth - Small LED spotlights or panels are great for stealth growing because they can fit into many sizes of space, and they often have built-in heat sinks to distribute heat into the growing space (instead of directing the heat beam to the plants)

Low heat and low battery options - small LED panel won't generate excessive heat or drain power


Disadvantages of LED

Expensive setup-when considering the price of how much light will be produced, LED grow lights are the most expensive cannabis grow lights

Heat —— Each LED panel generates a little heat (especially high-power models), growers who use a large number of LEDs need to discharge the extra heat like any other grow light (usually by using a fan to dissipate the heat to the outdoors)

The use of LED requires the skill-each type of LED plant growth light needs to be used in a different way. The size of the LED chip, the reflector of each bulb, and other differences in each model make it difficult to make any generalizations about how to use a particular LED panel. You cannot use your LED panel like your friend unless it is the exact same model from the same manufacturer. Even if your LED panels look the same, they may need to be used in different ways to avoid harming your plants. It is very important to ask the manufacturer how far away the LED panel should be from the top of the plant, and how much space the panel can cover at that height.


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