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  • What is the Difference Between LM-79, LM-80 and TM-21
    From the customer survey report, many customers are easy to confuse LM80, LM79, and L70 or assume they test the same measure in an LED product. Although all of them are used when discussing LEDs, they are not related measurements.
  • Respirator for Outdoor Lights: The Importance of Ventilation in Lighting Design
    Respirator for Outdoor Lights: The Importance of Ventilation in Lighting Design
    As the illumination range of outdoor lighting fixtures expands, the size of the fixtures also increases. However, this creates a problem: when the fixture is in use, it generates heat and expands, then contracts as it cools, creating pressure differences between the interior and exterior of the fixture. If completely sealed, the fixture may be damaged. So what can be done? This is where a special device called a "breather" comes in! This magical device also called respirator has the following functions: firstly, it allows the fixture to breathe, allowing gas to freely enter and exit, thereby avoiding pressure differences; secondly, it can be waterproof and dustproof, protecting the interior of the fixture; finally, it can promote heat dissipation and extend the life of the fixture. Therefore, the breather(respirator) is an important design element of lighting fixtures that is worth learning about. That’s why Customers often ask what the respirator on LONGSUN’s lamps is for and how it works. Many people only know that it has a waterproof function but don't know its specific working principle. Today, let's talk about it.   The breather uses a waterproof and breathable film material (such as microporous e-PTFE), which is encapsulated in a housing made of plastic or metal, and then installed on the lighting fixture. This type of film material has a microporous structure that allows gas to freely enter and exit, but liquid water cannot pass through, thus achieving the function of waterproof and breathable. When water vapor condenses into water droplets, the micropores of the waterproof and breathable film are blocked by the water particles, so the water molecules cannot escape smoothly from the water droplets, thereby achieving the waterproof effect.   There are many benefits to using a breather. It can prevent internal condensation and fogging of the fixture, improve its service life, balance internal and external pressure differences, prevent damage to the fixture, and promote heat dissipation to avoid overheating and damage to the fixture. In addition, the breather has other advantages, such as dust and oil resistance, a high protection rating of up to IP68, and resistance to chemicals, high and low temperatures, and aging, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.   In conclusion, the breather is a crucial component in the design of lighting fixtures, and its functions extend beyond just waterproofing and breathability. The dual properties of waterproofing and breathability provided by the waterproof permeable valve not only help prevent mist and condensation but also improve the quality and lifespan of LED fixtures, such as area lights and floodlights. By using a breather or respirator, we can increase the reliability and longevity of lighting fixtures, ensuring safer and more durable outdoor lighting solutions.
  • How to choose the best outdoor floodlight
    How to choose the best outdoor floodlight
    Darker evenings mean it is more important than ever for households to have the appropriate lighting installed in their outdoor spaces. While summer is the perfect time for ornamenting your garden with decorative solar lamps and light strings, you should have a good outdoor floodlight installed during the winter months, for additional safety and security. There is a lot of variety when it comes to choosing the right outdoor floodlight or security spotlight, which can seem a bit daunting. Following these steps should make it easier to find the perfect one for you. Location is everything Before you even start looking for the right outdoor floodlight, determine where you’re going to install it. Most importantly, what area does the light need to cover? The height and angle at which the light is installed could make a big difference in how well it lights your chosen space. Windows, doors, drainpipes and gutters may all be obstacles to finding the right placement, so it’s important to think about this early. When you have decided on the right spot, try and get an idea of the size of light that will fit in the space. It would be no good buying a high-powered floodlight, only to find that it’s too big to fit in the position you have chosen for it.   How do you want your outdoor floodlight to activate? As lighting technology progresses, floodlights are becoming more sophisticated in how they are activated. In addition to the standard on/off switch that you can use to manually activate your light, you can also find floodlights with motion sensors, which will illuminate when someone (or something) passes in range of its sensor. Alternatively, ‘Dusk till Dawn’ floodlights automatically switch on when the ambient light falls to a certain level and then switch off again in the morning when the sun comes up. Picking one of these options really depends on personal preference. Do you want a light that you can manually switch on and off yourself? The inherent risk with this is that the light will get left on during the day, wasting energy and reducing the life of the fitting. Motion sensitive lights are the most energy-efficient, as they are only illuminated when they need to be, but the sensor could cause the light to activate when animals pass by, or even when neighbours are out in their own garden. Some might find this disconcerting. Dusk till dawn lights present a happy medium, as they don’t need switching on manually and they will just stay on through the night. Get the right brightness Floodlights come in a broad range of brightness outputs, perhaps more than any other type of light. You can find floodlights that output anything between 700-20,000+ lumens (for more information about lumens, see our guide to lumens). Which one you choose primarily depends on how big a space you need to illuminate. An outdoor floodlight with only a relatively low lumens output (700-1,500lm) will suffice for patios and driveways, while commercial spaces like car parks and small fields will obviously need high-powered floodlights that output many times that. There is no hard and fast rule for picking floodlights of a certain brightness, but below is a rough guide that may help. LED Wattage Lumens Typical Use Area Covered 5W 400lm Doorway 5m x 5m 10W 750lm Patio Area 10m x 10m 20W 1,500lm Driveway 15m x 15m 30W 2,200lm Small Garden 20m x 20m 50W 4,000lm Medium Garden 30m x 30m 100W 8,000lm Large Garden 50m x 50m 150W 16,000lm Parking Lot 75m x 75m 200W 20,000lm Car Park 100m x 100m   As mentioned before, placement and angle also make a big difference in how efficiently your outdoor space is lit. Getting these right will give you a little more room with the lumens output of your chosen floodlight. Conversely, if you know the light can’t be installed in a perfect position, you can take this into account when deciding on the brightness of the floodlight. Upgrade to LED floodlights Traditionally, most outdoor floodlights have used halogen light bulbs, which use 20-30% less energy than older incandescent light bulbs, but which come nowhere near LED light bulbs for their energy-saving potential. The biggest advantage of LED light bulbs, in this case, is their superior lifespan. Where a halogen light bulb might last around 2,000 hours, LED floodlights can last 30,000 hours or more. In addition to the cost-saving that this long lifespan provides, it means that you won’t have to go through the hassle of replacing your floodlight (or its light bulb) nearly as often. This alone makes for a good reason to upgrade to LED floodlights.
  • Yantian Port Responds to Container Storage Concerns and Advances Automation Amid Global Logistics Slowdown
    Yantian Port Responds to Container Storage Concerns and Advances Automation Amid Global Logistics Slowdown
    Recently, there have been reports circulating online that the Yantian Port is piled up with mountains of empty containers. In response, Yantian International stated that it is common for the port to see an increase in the volume of empty containers stored after the traditional off-season of foreign trade that follows the Chinese New Year. Shipping companies reserve empty containers in the port to better meet the gradually increasing demand for exporting loaded containers after the Chinese New Year.   Yantian International also explained that in the past two years, the slowdown in the global logistics chain caused by the pandemic has led to overstocking issues in overseas markets, which delayed the recovery of South China's export market after the Chinese New Year compared to previous years. As shipping companies continue to return empty containers, the volume of empty containers in major ports across the country has slightly increased compared to previous years. According to the latest shipping market situation, as overseas market stocks are being depleted, China's exports are gradually recovering, and Yantian Port is currently operating normally.   Regarding the storage situation at Yantian Port's yard, Yantian International stated that the empty and loaded container yards can be flexibly converted. Like in previous years, the company will continuously optimize the yard utilization based on business needs. The yard can simultaneously store 7 to 8 high empty containers while ensuring safety, freeing up more space to store the increasing number of loaded containers.   Yantian International is fully committed to promoting the construction of the Yantian East Container Automated Terminal while continuing to promote the smart transformation and upgrading of the central and western operating areas. Since the beginning of this year, two new lightweight shore cranes and eight remote-controlled automated gantry cranes have been delivered to the terminal. Yantian International will continue to increase resource investment and introduce advanced automation equipment such as remote-controlled shore cranes, gantry cranes, and rail cranes to continuously improve productivity and deepen the port's smart level in the next three years.   Regarding the increasingly complex global economic and trade situation, Yantian International actively communicates with shipping companies and has added four new routes since the beginning of this year, including three Asian routes and one Australian route. This provides a stable supply chain service for China and ASEAN to deepen economic and trade relations and provides strong momentum for regional economic development.   At the same time, the company's multimodal transport business has also further developed.   At the beginning of January, Yantian International opened the Hunan Chenzhou Inland Port, becoming the company's eleventh inland port. In early February, the Greater Bay Area Combined Port "Yantian-Zhongshan" also began operation, setting a new record for the company's monthly barge throughput in February. In the future, Yantian International will continue to open combined ports and inland ports and work with all parties to weave a multimodal transport network.   As an important import and export gateway in South China, Yantian International stated that it will always remember its responsibility as a major port and work with its customers to respond to the changing global economic and trade situation. The company will continue to work with the port and shipping industry to ensure the smooth and stable operation of the industrial supply chain in the Greater Bay Area and help stabilize and improve China's foreign trade.
  • LONG SUN's Anniversary Party
    LONG SUN's Anniversary Party
    LONGSUN held a party on February 11th at the Nanrong Hotel in Shenzhen.

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